Kardell Cement Construction was founded in 1947 from humble beginnings and a one-wheel trailer. Four generations later, Modern Concrete has moved to the newest techniques like stamped and acid stained concrete, although we still tackle the "grey" jobs.

The following photos are presented in reverse chronological order. Please take some time and read a little bit about how we came to be who we are today.


Jackson Kardell (number four in the generation count) finishing a driveway in the Elmwood Park neighborhood in Omaha. Jackson joined in 1997, and has always been dedicated and hardworking. Fiercely loyal to the business, he holds a great deal of excitement for the job, and is an expert in stamping, a great colorist, and one of the best skid loader drivers in the business. Free time interests include snowboarding, motocross, and bass guitar.


Brothers John and Paul Kardell (third generation) finishing a patio (left). They learned their trade from their father, Don Kardell (second generation), the best concrete finisher ever! He extended a strong tradition of fine craftsmanship and honest, hard work.

Paul Kardell straight-edging (right).


Donald Kardell and Eric Rick working on home patio (left). The pictures show the house Donald built in the Keystone neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. The patio is still in great condition today.

Joan Kardell (aka mom) standing on the new stoop (right).


Kardell Cement started by Paul Kardell, Sr. (first generation). Paul quickly built a good reputation in Omaha.

Kardell & Son Cement's first of many pickups (left).

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2014 Omaha Home Show display at Century Link Center, Omaha, NE.

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